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icon abcam

Abcam - antibodies and reagents supplier

icon Abingdon Health


icon Alphalyse

ALPHALYSE - Protein Analysis Service

icon amsbio

Amsbio - Global supplier of research products and custom services for biological and pharmaceutical research. Peptides, DNA, RNA, proteins, cell assay kits, cell culture, heparanase, apoptosis reagents, DNA damage reagents, cell migration invasion assays, tissue arrays, tissue slides, tissue blocks, amsbio, AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd

icon Beckman Counter

BECKMAN COULTER GENOMICS - Sequencing, Gene Expresion, Genotyping, Biologics Testing

icon BGI

BGI Americas- The Largest Genomics & Bioinformatics Analysis Center
BGI World

icon bioSynthesis

bioSYNTHESIS - Molecular services from Gene to Protein

icon Abingdon Health

Cambridge Peptides - Quality Custom Synthesis and Analysis

icon CBC

CBC - Comprehensive Biomarker Center

icon Cell Sciences

Cell Sciences
Cell Sciences - Cytoline Center, Complete List of Proteins

icon Cell Signaling

Cell Signaling Tecnology

icon centro de genoma

Centro de Pesquisas sobre o Genoma Humano e Células-Tronco

icon Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics - Human Genome Sequencing & Analysis Service

icon DNA Link

DNA Link - Your Link to Precision Genomics

icon Epitomics

Epitomics, Inc - The Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Company


GENEWIZ - DNA Sequencing Services and Gene Synthesis Services

icon GeneArt

GeneArt Gene Synthesis

icon Genomic

Genomic - Engenharia Molecular

icon GenScript

GenScript - Make Research Easy - Gene Synthesis, Peptide Services, Protein Services, Antibody Services, Bio-Assay


IDT - Integrated DNA Technologies

icon InvivoGen

InvivoGen - Vaccine Adjuvants and Biological Tools

icon Lubwig

Ludwig Biotec

icon MCLAB

MCLAB - DNA sequencing services and consumables

icon New England Peptide

New England Peptide - Providing quality peptides and the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

icon Origene

ORIGENE - Your Gene Company

icon Pacific Biosciences

Pacific Biosciences

icon ProteinX Lab

ProteinX Lab - a protein structure orientated lab

icon ProteomeFactory

ProteomeFactory - Proteomics Products & Services

icon ProteinTech

Proteintech - Making better antibodies with whole proteins as nature intended

icon R&D

R&D Systems - Tools for Cell Biology Research

icon ReagentProteins

ReagentProteins - Reagent, pre-clinical and cGMP-grade proteins to the biopharmaceutical and vaccine development community


Selleckchem - Inhibitors, antibodies, RNAis, proteins and peptides which focus on signaling pathways such as MAPK, PI3K/Akt, and apoptosis.




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